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Our Philosopy

Our Philosophy is roused by a dream of mankind and the remainder of creation and its predetermination drawn from the life and lessons of jesus christ.

The reality that,in their own individual Ways all individuals from the School Community share this christian vision, makes the school “Catholic”.We accept that with regards to developing worldwide and national concerns,there is an earnest need to work for social justice,respect forever and creation and national combination.

We perceive that other than making progress toward scholarly competence,our school must perpetrate it self to the advancement of love,freedom,sincerity,justice,preservation of the respectability of creation,responsible utilization of computer science and mass media,fostering of healthy and basically life-styles,combating the evil – impacts of globalization , debasement, violence,criminalization and weakness of the underestimated areas of the general public.

The school concedes to serve the financially weak,socially in reverse and destitute pupils.We accept that the school grounds ought to be liberated from governmental issues and the students ought not be engaged with the political activities.But they ought to be instructed to standards of legislative issues and energy.

We are persuade that all these can be accomplished distinctly in training network in which pupils,teachers,parents and the executives cooperate in a climate of Loving benevolence , satisfaction, friendliness,family spirit,deep relationship with God,fidelity to obligation and soul of administration. We admire Marry as our Mother,Model Teacher and Guide.

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