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Welcome to Oxford Public School

‘Oxford Public School of Excellence’ is a not for profit, a social organization that aims to deliver excellence in Education and lay the foundation for the citizens of tomorrow. We are a young team of working Professionals, College Students, Sr. Citizens who are committed for Child Development, Student Empowerment, School Upliftment through ‘Education Reforms’.
Oxford Public School is working in urban-rural areas to improving quality education especially in migrants and urban disadvantaged youth. It also focused on policy implementation in govt. schools and assist in admissions through the effective implementation of the Right to Education Act 2009.

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What We Do?

Helping the children to dream for a better future

Skill based learning

Empower children to overcome poverty

Girl Child & Women Empowerment

Why Choose Oxford Public School ?

Computer Lab

Well equiped computer lab.

Modern Book Library

We have spacious Library with Books of all varieties.

Qualified Teachers

We have well qualified and friendly teachers.

Digital Classroom

Technology enabled classrooms for effective Teaching/Learning.

Safety and Surveillance

School is under constant monitoring


We provide good transportation for all our students

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Best  English Medium School in Hindaun City, Karauli District

The development of pre-academic, social, and general life skills is aided through playschool. It fosters a child’s emotional and personal development, gives them the chance to study in ways that pique their curiosity, and aids their overall development.

There are numerous English Medium and primary schools in Karauli District, and all of them seem to be quite attractive and carry the promise of providing your child with an effective education. Selecting the perfect school for your child can occasionally be challenging and complicated.

Choosing the Best Primary Schools in Karauli District

Even if it’s only for two or three hours each day, some children find it difficult to be apart from their parents. If their child refuses to attend school even after being enrolled in kindergarten, they sob uncontrollably, and the parents may find themselves in a tough situation.

Parents can benefit themselves and their children by enrolling them in a play school and establishing a schedule to avoid a potentially stressful scenario that will also negatively affect the child. When children are promoted to kindergarten and nursery school, this routine they establish will benefit them. The best primary school in Hindaun city take care of your child and help to learn new things in a better way.

Oxford Public School is dedicated to provide excellence in education and establish the groundwork for tomorrow’s leaders. It is considered as one of the Best School in Hindaun City. We are a youthful team of professional trained teachersto “education reforms” for child development, student empowerment, and school upliftment.

We are working in rural and urban areas to improve the quality of education, particularly for immigrants and urban underprivileged youngsters. Additionally, it focused on the successful execution of policies in government schools and helped with admissions through the 2009 Right to Education Act.

We are dedicated to improving primary school education using innovative teaching and learning techniques. In addition to producing educated citizens, it is crucial to produce learned individuals who can distinguish between right and wrong.

Creating a non-formal education facility for the migrant children residing in Hindaun City District-Karauli was the first step in our (Oxford’s) objective.

We are the Best School in Karauli District; we communicate with students about their strengths and interests. We also provide the parents with learning styles and some material to help with their home studies. Besides, our school’s culture and ethics are elegant in nature. We provide a healthy learning environment on our school premises.

Oxford Public School is Awarded as a Top CBSE Schools in Karauli District in the year of 2022. On top of everything, we believe in art and crafts, and sports are the best refreshment for a student. It also enhances the students’ creativity and changes the way they see the outside world.

It takes enormous effort to be a parent. You must make sure that your child not only has the best childhood possible but also develops into a wonderful person who is successful in life. Every parent wants their child to develop into a more admirable person than they were. Every parent hopes for the finest possible life for their child. Only if they are provided the proper atmosphere and education as children can they realize their ambition. Young minds are the most impressionable, which is a well-known fact.

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