Director’s Message

Dear Parents and Children,

The vision of Oxford Public Sec. School is to help children acquire knowledge and experience, to empower them to think independently, form opinions and to become self-reliant.
Our objective is not to fill them with so much information that they sink like lead but to arouse in them the desire to learn, to touch their mind so that they soar.
We firmly believe that learning must be a joyous experience and every attempt is made towards this goal.
The curriculum provides a blend of challenge, and creativity with ample scope for individuality and imagination. A strong value system is woven into the fabric of daily life.
A meaningful equilibrium between Academics, Sports and Co-curriculars is maintained in order to bring forth confident, balanced, well groomed and enlightened citizens.

Mr. Manoj Jain

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents and Children,

“The purpose of education must coincide with the larger life purpose of those being educated.”
“Education is an inward journey which manifests itself in the world outside. It reaches its destination only when one builds an insight where there is no memory, no remembrance, no conclusion, no anticipation and no reaction.”
There is growing awareness among teachers, parents and workplaces that standardised tests which judge the capabilities of students are one-dimensional and education systems need to develop the 21st century skills required for children to successfully negotiate dynamic and uncertain demands of today’s workforce.
The child is at the centre of all that we do and we keep revisiting the needs of this child in tune with what is demanded from him/her.The school believes in strengthening young minds by inculcating in them the long lasting values and morals.

Mrs. Neetu Jain